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Vantage Point: Extinction Rebellion - A Dangerous & Unwanted EU Import

Extinction Rebellion is a radical environmental group established in the United Kingdom in May 2018 by Roger Hallam, among others. While Extinction Rebellion trumpets climate change as an existential crisis requiring immediate massive societal changes, the movement's true motivation becomes clear as you move backward on the timeline and begin to uncover the founder's mindset.

To this end, Extinction Rebellion-produced videos appear on YouTube, and combined with other media material, make very clear the goal of the movement: global revolution. Roger Hallam described on one video what he did after failing as an organic farmer and it had nothing to do with the environment: "I decided to come down to London to take out the system because I didn't like it very much. That's my plan. And I obviously wanted to study how to do it effectively so that's why got myself into King's College."

Other material specifically states their broader goal: to bring down all the regimes in the world, ideally simultaneously, and replace them. Hallam described the Extinction Rebellion tactic being used this April in the UK; paralyzing major cities with masses of people. According to Hallam, disabling traffic for a sufficiently long period of time would result in e.g. food shortages. "Once that happens the regime will fall".

The plan is to replace the fallen "criminal" western political systems with a "better democracy" designed by Extinction Rebellion in which voting is no longer needed. If the idea of a vote-free government seems novel; consider that Extinction Rebellion operates almost everywhere in the world - except Russia and China.

Both are notably "vote-free" governments, as is North Korea, Iran, etc. On Russia Today (RT), Hallam explained the practical details of the planned toppling of governments. An RT host - without any criticism - gives an hour of airtime to the movement and describes western democracies as corrupt and criminal. It may not be much of a surprise to learn that Russia and its government are not mentioned by Extinction Rebellion as corrupt or needing replacement.

A House of Representatives report from 2018 year claims the Kremlin is investing heavily to influence opinions via social media to advance its energy-political interests. The report says both Republicans and Democrats agree that Russia is manipulating environmental activists. Newsweek online, on April 23, 2019, published "PUTIN IS FUNDING GREEN GROUPS TO DISCREDIT NATURAL GAS FRACKING."

Is it a coincidence that Extinction Rebellion violently resists every credible solution to reduce emissions? An actual solution would be a threat to the goal of revolution, and revolution is in the interests of the Kremlin. If hybrid Kremlin operations are a reality, then Extinction Rebellion is one of the most probable channels for it. One of the father figures of the movement and a founder of Occupy, Micah White, claims in The Guardian that he was contacted by a Russian disinformation agent in 2016. He also says Occupy got substantial support from Russia. According to him, RT "aggressively" supported the movement. US intelligence authorities also say RT is one of the channels for Kremlin's environmental propaganda. White claims one of the Occupy activists got his own TV show aired on RT, called Redacted Tonight, as a reward for his activism. Any surprise RT has given a lot of airtime to Extinction Rebellion this year?

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Through the DNG-ISAC, John provides the energy sector with cyber and physical threat warnings, and authors finished intelligence products for the industry and the U.S. National Council of ISACs. His presentations on Human Intelligence, Open-Source Intelligence, and their relationships with cybersecurity, have been well received by domestic and international audiences.

John holds an MBA, an MS in Cybersecurity, and an MA in Business and Organizational Security. He maintains a certification as a Certified Counterintelligence Threat Analyst, Certified Cyber Intelligence Professional, and serves on the Governing Board of the McAfee Institute and as a Steering Member of the Cyber Senate.

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