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InfraGardNCR recorded webinars

InfraGardNCR hosts frequent webinars on a variety of topics.  Webinar recordings are generally uploaded to the InfraGard portal (, where any InfraGard member can review them under the Webinars tab.   When our webinar recordings are open to the general public, you'll find a link to them below.  

Elder Justice:  A Case Study - May 2022

 An FBI special agent takes us on a deep dive into one of her investment fraud cases with numerous older victims, including one who was diagnosed with cancer and was struggling to pay her medical bills due to this fraud. Learn how one woman stole $5.4 million from 40 victims while she traveled the world and lived a life of luxury.  Watch the webinar recording here.

Elder Justice:  Who are the criminals behind the scams?  How do they do it? May 2022

In this session, you'll hear from government experts about the most recent trends in scams targeting older adults.  You'll also learn more about the criminals who are using these frauds to steal money.  Watch the webinar recording here.

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