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Elder Justice:  Keeping Seniors Safe

In 2021, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, received fraud reports from more than 92,000 victims over the age of 60.  These victims lost a total of $1.7 billion to scammers.  This represents a 74% increase in losses compared to the losses reported in 2020.

InfraGardNCR has partnered with other nonprofits, federal and local government agencies, and the FBI to host a series of webinars about fraud that targets older adults.  See our full list of partners below.  Watch the recorded webinars by clicking on the titles below, or register for the webinars that are upcoming!

Elder Justice:  A Case Study - May 2022

 An FBI special agent takes us on a deep dive into one of her investment fraud cases with numerous older victims, including one who was diagnosed with cancer and was struggling to pay her medical bills due to this fraud. Learn how one woman stole $5.4 million from 40 victims while she traveled the world and lived a life of luxury.  Watch the webinar recording here.

Elder Justice:  Who are the criminals behind the scams?  How do they do it? May 2022

In this session, you'll hear from government experts about the most recent trends in scams targeting older adults.  You'll also learn more about the criminals who are using these frauds to steal money.  Watch the webinar recording here.  More resources:

Elder Justice:  Why do scammers target older adults?  How can we help protect them? - May 2022

Experts from AARP, the American Bankers Association Foundation, FINRA Foundation and Cybercrime Support Network review the factors that increase vulnerability to scams, describe the emotional toll on victims and families, and provide concrete ways in which we can work together to protect older adults and others in our communities.  Watch the webinar recording here.  More resources:

The Elder Justice series in May is co-sponsored by:

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Our Elder Justice series continues in June with four webinars focused on healthcare frauds and issues impacting older adults.  Our June series is a joint initiative among the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, AARP, the Office of Inspector General at the US Department of Health and Human Services, National Center on Elder Abuse, National Adult Protective Services Association, the DC Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Senior Medicare Patrol, the FBI's Washington, DC field office and InfraGardNCR.  

Elder Justice:  An introduction to health care fraud - 8 June 2022

Experts from the FBI and AARP identify the health care fraud schemes that target older adults, describe the red flags that might accompany such schemes, explain how to report these frauds, and offer guidance about what to do if you're the victim of such a fraud.  Watch the webinar here

Elder Justice:  A case study of abuse/neglect - 15 June 2022

As June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, this session provides a deep dive into a specific case of elder neglect/abuse.  Hear the real-life story of Jack and Betty, two residents at a nursing home.  Learn how the allegations first came to light, what steps the authorities took to uncover the facts, and what the outcome was for both the criminals and the victims.  An expert from the National Center on Elder Abuse also shares abundant resources to prevent elder abuse.  Watch the webinar here.  Download the NCEA slides by clicking on the .pdf to the right.​

Elder Justice:  A case study in health care fraud - 22 June 2022

This session offers an in-depth look at a specific case of health care fraud in which a woman without medical training used someone else's identity to work as a home health aide and stole money from the man she was supposed to be helping.  In the second half of the webinar, learn about the broad scope of COVID-19 fraud tracked by the Senior Medicare Patrol - including identity theft, testing, and vaccine scams.  Watch the webinar here.  Download speaker slides by clicking on the .pdfs to the right.  More resources:

Elder Justice:  Q&A about health care, fraud, and neglect - 29 June 2022

This session brings together a panel of subject-matter experts, including representatives from the FBI, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Senior Medicare Patrol Resource Center, and the National Adult Protective Services Association, to answer your questions about health care fraud, abuse, and neglect involving older adults.  The panel replies to questions raised in the first three sessions of our June series.  Watch the webinar here.  More resources:

  • HHS page on Operation CARE:  Caring, Awareness, & Resources for our Elders

The Elder Justice series in June is co-sponsored by:

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