Our FBI Private Sector Coordinators

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Amylynn Errera, Special Agent and Private Sector Coordinator, FBI

Amylynn Errera is a Special Agent with the FBI and currently serves as a Private Sector Coordinator for the Washington Field Office (WFO).  In 24+ years with the FBI, she has served in Washington, DC; Providence, RI; FBI Headquarters; and the FBI Academy. Her areas of experience include public corruption, government fraud, health-care fraud, other white-collar crime, violent crime, counterterrorism, cyber crimes, human resources policy, and leadership education. Amy has a Bachelor's degree in journalism and Spanish from the University of Dayton and a Master's degree in international relations from Syracuse University.

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Kara Sidener, Special Agent and Private Sector Coordinator, FBI

Kara Sidener is a Special Agent with the FBI and currently serves as a Private Sector Coordinator for the Washington Field Office (WFO).  Her 24+ years with the FBI have all been in the Washington, DC area, having had assignments at WFO, FBI Headquarters, and the FBI Academy. Kara has experience in a number of areas, including counterintelligence and cyber investigations, evidence response, instruction and training, and private sector outreach. She is a member of the Behavioral Analysis Program team; and was also a member of WFO’s Evidence Response Team and a first responder to the Pentagon on 9/11/01. Kara has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Master of Forensic Science degree, both from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. 

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What is a private sector coordinator?

Every FBI field office has at least one private sector coordinator, or PSC, whose role it is to be the consistent point-of-contact for private industry, academia, think thanks, and other organizations and associations within that field office's area of responsibility - regardless of the issue or concern.  Led by the Office of Private Sector at FBI Headquarters, PSCs across the country develop, maintain, and enhance these relationships to ensure the FBI has a keen understanding of the private sector's risks and needs and, in turn, the FBI can raise awareness of potential threats and mitigate risk.  

InfraGardNCR is fortunate in that we have two PSCs, Amy and Kara, who are dedicated to the InfraGard program for WFO.  In addition, WFO has two more PSCs, Elizabeth Ballinger-Brotman and Matt O'Brien, who work alongside Amy and Kara and make up WFO's Private Sector Team.  Elizabeth handles WFO's Domestic Security Alliance Program and focused outreach to the area's cleared industry partners.  Matt is responsible for WFO's relationships with think tanks, academic instituions, and data centers. 

You can reach WFO's Private Sector Team at wfo_strategicpartner@fbi.gov or at each of their individual email addresses (found at the bottom of the chapter's weekly e-newsletter).    To learn more about the FBI's Office of Private Sector, go to https://www.fbi.gov/about/partnerships/office-of-private-sector.