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The Data Center Physical Security Working Group was started in late 2019 by the FBI Washington Field  Office,  InfraGardNCR,  and the Executive Partnership for Integrated Collaboration (EPIC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Charlotte, NC.  

It is a two-way, real-time information sharing platform for physical security practitioners who work for data center companies in the Ashburn, Virginia area - also known as Data Center Alley - as well as in the surrounding northern Virginia area where data centers are spreading.   The entities in Data Center Alley have organzied to help protect the region's data centers from threats, both foreign and domestic, as well as insider threats - and welcome YOU to participate.

Through a list server, members share best practices, emerging threats and trends, and industry developments and standards, which are then archived in a web-based portal for future reference.  Working with local, state, and federal law enforcement partners, as well as utility providers and stakeholders, the working group aims to protect the region's data centers and the information they hold.

To learn more about the Data Center Physical Security Working Group, including how to join, go to

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