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Welcome to the National Capital Region chapter of InfraGard!  We’re excited to have you as a partner in protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure and key resources.  There's a lot of information we wish to share with you, so please read on!

Once you receive a welcome email from our FBI InfraGard Coordinators, the national membership team creates your user account for InfraGard’s secure portal.  In 5 to 10 business days, you’ll get an auto-generated email with a username and password.  After you receive that email, log into to activate your online account.  If you don’t receive an email with your username and password, or if you run into problems, you can reach the InfraGard help desk 24/7 at 877-861-6298 or   

Your access to the secure portal is important, because the portal is how we pass along alerts and intelligence products.  It also gives you a means to communicate with other InfraGard members.  You’ll also need to log into the portal to keep your membership active.

This is our unclassified chapter website where you can read about our chapter’s mission, activities, and initiatives.


You can expect to receive an email from us most Wednesdays in the form of a weekly e-newsletter with upcoming events, secure portal postings, cyber news, and more.  This is sent via Constant Contact.


By volunteering to be a vetted InfraGard member, you have signed up for a mutual exchange of information to help protect our critical infrastructure.  By working together, we make each other stronger and help to protect the United States, our industries, and our friends and family from various threats.  By sharing things that happen at your place of business, we can learn what is happening in these industries and pass the information on to our InfraGard and FBI colleagues.  We are asking you to report positive intelligence as part of your involvement with InfraGard.  If you are familiar with the DHS campaign “if you see something, say something," it applies here too! 

Here are some examples of things to report, but this is by no means all inclusive:  when a scam happens to you or at your company, when you receive suspicious e-mails at work or home from people phishing for your information or your company’s information, when a suspicious individual sends you an unsolicited resume looking for jobs, when someone comes to your company and tries to take information that wasn’t offered to them and use it for their personal gain (going off the beaten path, taking pictures in areas they weren’t supposed to, sticking thumb drives in to your company computers), when you have a co-worker who is disgruntled and you feel they may be prepared to do something like steal company information, or worse yet, are so disgruntled they talk about causing harm to co-workers, if your business was cyber attacked, when your business information is being fraudulently used, when you hear of drug activity, mortgage fraud, healthcare fraud, corruption, gang activity, terrorist threats/activity, or if you’ve read an article we have shared or that is posted on the InfraGard main site and say—"oh wow, I have more information on that topic"—let us know.  This way, we can continue as set out by joining this organization to share information that will protect our members, their companies, and therefore, our country. 


While we have made this business centric, don’t let that limit you to business alone.  These concepts apply to your daily life, and not just your life, but that of your friends, family, and neighbors.  Only together can we be stronger and better equipped to deal with the threats we’re seeing out there in our daily lives; however, if no one knows what you’re seeing or what’s happening at your place of business, or in your neighborhood, the information is worthless. 


So, how do you let us know about information you have?


For criminal cyber activity (Nigerian scam emails, etc.), report it to IC3, the Internet Crime Complaint Center. For a list of current and ongoing Internet trends and schemes IC3 handles, click here


Once you have access to the secure InfraGard portal, you'll be able to submit malware and cyber intrusion information (the things not covered by IC3 such as website defacements, DDOS attacks, malware infections, etc) via Malware Investigator and iGuardian.


If not cyber-related, you have several options for reporting information - your facility security personnel, your local and state law enforcement agencies, your local fusion center, and your local FBI field office.  This too is not an all inclusive list, but hopefully helps to direct to whom you should provide information.

Please make sure your email will accept messages from these addresses:




We are on several social media and info sharing platforms - find us on Facebook (InfraGard-NCR), LinkedIn (both a public company page and a private group to which you can request access - InfraGardNCR), Twitter @InfraGardNCR, and FlipBoard - InfraGardNCR.

Now that you are a member, you are also entitled to free subscription to InfraGard Magazine, a quarterly publication issued by InfraGard National Members Alliance.  You can sign up at but will need to wait until your member # is issued (which you can check yourself when your account is created).


Finally, please feel free to reach out to either of us with any questions or concerns.  Again, welcome aboard, and we look forward to working with you!

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