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Welcome to the InfraGard National Capital Region Members Alliance

InfraGard NCR 's mission is to improve and enhance 

information sharing to protect the national capital region's critical infrastructure.  Thank you for visiting our site -- we welcome you to learn more about our efforts and invite you to join us in one of the most pressing challenges facing our Nation.


Join InfraGardNCR today to forward the mission of protecting our critical infrastructure today and tomorrow and enhancing our collective resilience well into the future.
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The chapter's Board of Directors is always looking for members who wish to get more involved.  Do you have a particular skill or interest you'd like to share with the chapter? Just interested in doing more?  Send the Board an email and we can share what we have to offer - webinar hosts, website maintenance, communications contributor, and more!


InfraGardNCR would not function without the leadership of our Board of Directors.  The Board hosts elections annually and encourages members to consider running for a Board vacancy.  You can review what the role entails here.  Nominations are usually accepted in June with voting occurring in Jul.y Interested in learning more? Contact us at


Please consider donating to InfraGardNCR.  Your donations support our programming, events, and  outreach.  InfraGardNCR is a 501(c)3 corporation, so your donation may be tax deductible.

Interested in sponsoring a chapter program or event? Contact us at

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Want to learn more? Have questions?

Contact us at

InfraGard of the National Capital Region, also known as InfraGardNCR, coordinates monthly meetings on a broad spectrum of infrastructure-related issues and topics to develop the relationships and communication pathways necessary to thwart an attack against our region's critical infrastructure. Most meetings are open to the public, but there are some sessions that are restricted to members only. In addition to monthly meetings, the chapter has special events including tours of the FBI Academy and new member/networking sessions, as well as participates and/or supports a number of other programs and events throughout the year.

"lnfraGardNCR is a non-profit organization serving as a public-private partnership among U.S. businesses, individuals involved in the protection and resilience of U.S. critical infrastructures, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation."

About InfraGardNCR


Why We Want to Engage You

Threat Talk

Approximately 80% – 90% of our Nation’s critical infrastructure is privately owned. Protecting these assets cannot be accomplished by the federal government alone. It requires coordinated action from numerous stakeholders – including government, the private sector, law enforcement, academia and concerned citizens.


InfraGard serves as a critical link that connects owners and operators with the entities that strive to protect their assets. It is a basic tenet of InfraGard that the more people sharing information about physical and cyber threats and vulnerabilities, as well as best security practices, the greater our chances of thwarting an attack and securing our Nation.


Please review our website to learn more about our mission, our area of responsibility, what our members are tasked with protecting, and how you can get involved.

FBI Director Wray on combating the cyber threat -"the need for a public-private sector partnership is higher than in any other area"


Critical Infrastructure Sectors

The Nation's critical infrastructure provides the essential services that underpin American society. Proactive and coordinated efforts are necessary to strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure – including physical and cyber assets, networks, and systems – that are vital to public confidence and the Nation's safety, prosperity, and well-being. To protect this resource, Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 21 on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience advances a national unity of effort to strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure. The directive identifies the primary critical infrastructure sectors and identifies a sector-specific agency to lead protection efforts.  In our chapter, the 4 sectors highlighted below make up about 75% of our membership.  Learn more about each of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors, by navigating to our "Critical Infrastructure" page. 

The IT sector is the largest of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors represented in our membership, with 39% of members belonging to this sector.


15% of our members hail from the Government Facilities sector, which has a strong presence in the NCR.


11% of our members belong to the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) sector.

Industrial Base

8% of our members belong
to the Financial Services & Banking sector.

Financial Services
and Banking

Information Sharing

InfraGardNCR shares information in several ways:

  1. Programs (both in-person and virtual) for our private sector members and our FBI & government counterparts;

  2. Weekly e-newsletter with relevant infrastructure news and summaries of information located on InfraGard's secure portal;

  3. National Sector Security and Resilience Program;

  4. Social media presence through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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