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What is your financial resilience?

"You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too." - Denzel Washington Do you know what month it is? The correct answer isn't April. Raise your hand if you knew April was National Financial Capability Month? Give yourself a pat on the back if, on top of that, you have done financial planning to prepare for a rainy day, the mud, the risks where you live and disasters, big and small. As InfraGard members, we focus a lot on critical infrastructure protection and how to make the country a safer place by addressing threats to infrastructure. But there are threats to more than infrastructure - life can be unpredictable and financial disasters can happen at any moment. Not preparing for financial disasters can impact you and your loved ones, so it is important to take simple steps toward a better financial future by becoming financially prepared. Part of being prepared is understanding your finances. For that reason, it is important to address financial wellness as a building block of preparedness. Over the month of April, FEMA's Ready Campaign and the Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) are encouraging people to take action to improve their financial futures. The more financially prepared we are as a nation, the more resilient we will be when faced with disaster. Want to learn more? Take a look here: Speaking of financial capability, InfraGardNCR also kicked off April by launching the new Cyber Finance Work Group (CFWG). Modeled after the Cyber Health Work Group, the CFWG is a virtual peer-to-peer network for InfoSec professionals in the finance sector who share real-time information about risk, governance, threats, trends, and best practices. Even though the CFWG has only existed for a few days, over 400 individuals have applied!

Who can join? You are welcome to apply to join the CFWG if you: * Are a current InfraGard member or have an InfraGard application pending with your local chapter * Work at the intersection of information security and finance * Are at least partially responsible for risk, governance, compliance, or threat issues * Do NOT work in business development If you'd like to learn more about or register for the Cyber Finance Working Group, please swing by at your convenience. If the website doesn't address your questions, send an email to us at Thanks for your membership in InfraGardNCR. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact any of the Board members at With best regards, Steve

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