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Summer is no time to slow down

Last month I attended a two-day, regional leadership summit for InfraGard chapter presidents in Pittsburgh, PA. Hosted by the Pittsburgh chapter, I, along with one of our InfraGard Coordinators, Kara Sidener, participated in several panels to help educate and inform our colleagues about best practices, successes we've had and forging the way ahead to ensure InfraGard remains relevant and useful to critical infrastructure owners and operators, the FBI and others. It felt great to share our growth, strategy and vision with other chapters. I am immensely proud of all that we have accomplished (an example of which is the intelligence product described below!) and excited about what's coming in the months ahead.

As we enter summer, things tend to slow down around Washington, DC, but rest assured we continue to push forward and have numerous opportunities for you to get engaged.

  • #CYBERCamp 2018 (July 30 - August 3, 2018 at GMU in Fairfax, VA)

  • Board member Jen Fritz is leading this effort along with long-time InfraGard member Bob Osgood. If you and your company are interested in sponsoring the camp OR you have high-school aged kids who are interested in cybersecurity and wish to attend the camp, contact Jen. Jen can be reached at

  • National Preparedness Month (September 2018)

  • Board member Andy Jabbour is looking for interested members to create campaigns around simple, actionable things people can do to enhance their preparedness. See his plea below! Andy can be reached at

  • National Cyber Security Awareness Month (October 2018)

  • Board member Bill Fanelli is heading up the chapter's efforts around National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This year's themes have yet to be announced by DHS, but Bill is looking for folks who are interested in leading the chapter's efforts for this month. Contact Bill at

  • National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month (NCISRM; November 2018)

  • SAVE THE DATE! November 7, 2018

  • Board member Steve Bieber is leading the charge for NCISRM and has already secured a date and venue for the event. If you are interested in participating on the planning team for this effort, contact Steve at

If you have additional interests or needs, please reach out to us - we want to hear from you! Email us at

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