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Cyber, cyber, cyber!

Cyber Cyber's that time of year again when we look to the summer and...Cyber Camp! For our third year, InfraGardNCR has put together an incredible week of cyber camp to encourage our future cyber workforce. Part of the chapter's Cyber Security Pipeline initiative, our camp this year has a stellar agenda put together by George Mason University's Bob Osgood and our team including Jen Fritz, Board member of InfraGardNCR.

The cyber camp is a critical part of our cyber pipeline initiative because it engages our youth in the possibilities of a career in cyber with practical tools and applications that they can build on year after year. The pipeline was put together to nurture "touchpoints" of cyber activity throughout the year for students and young people to engage in activities related to cyber to peak and keep their interest. Each year InfraGardNCR hosts the cyber camp, supports the STEM expo at the WHS BBQ, hosts an ice cream social with FBI cyber division, and hosts a special tour of the Washington Field Office. All of these engagements are meant to educate and excite our next generation toward a career in cyber.

We've also been working with the Universities in our AOR to develop the next step: a cyber war-game around critical infrastructure. Our vision is to usher students through years of prep to go off to their colleges and participate with teams of experts on a massive gaming adventure around our critical infrastructure. We believe that this would ignite their imagination and educate about the numerous ramifications of a successful attack on a sector. We've also been working with the Universities to develop InfraGardNCR student clubs to host meetings and invite SMEs from our chapter to participate with them on discussions around some of the most serious challenges to cyber security today.

We invite you to engage to help us make this vision a reality. Registration for cyber camp is currently only open to InfraGardNCR member families, but when we open to the general public we encourage you to spread the word, get engaged with our efforts to solidify InfraGardNCR student groups on campus, and volunteer to speak and guide discussions on campus.

Thank you for all you do to make our chapter great - and to protect your enterprise.

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