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You spoke! We listened!

Good afternoon!

I wanted to thank all of the members who responded to our survey on whether InfraGard National (INMA) should impose a "Premium" membership fee for our organization. It was a very close vote and after consideration, our chapter voted notto support the fee.

Many of you expressed concerns about what benefit you would receive from dues, that such fees were inconsistent with the mission of InfraGard, and that given our current offerings, a membership fee may push you to leave our organization.

Additionally, as chapter presidents across the country considered this proposal, many were concerned about where this money would go, the impact on their chapters, and the role of INMA in supporting our chapters to date.

As you may or may not know, the non-profit industry is extremely competitive. Many of you who know me, know that I am extremely familiar with the non-profit industry and understand that without financial resources we are unable to achieve our missions successfully. In an attempt to assist the national organization, our chapter submitted a number of suggestions that could take InfraGard on a much more meaningful and sustained path:

· Refocus on the mission of the organization

· Realign with the FBI

· Serve the membership and chapter leadership

· Provide financial accountability and transparency

· Pursue and execute on sponsorship

· Undertake a SWOT analysis to determine the unique value of InfraGard and the services the organization provides.

None of this ultimately impacts you. Or our chapter. Thanks to your engagement and support we are one of the largest and strongest chapters in the country. We will keep calm and carry on! As always, in my parting words, I encourage you to engage with us and make us even stronger. Consider joining us at the annual members meeting on March 1st! See the details below.

Thank you for your service and for your membership in InfraGardNCR.

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