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Happy New Year: Resolve to Get Engaged

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are rested and ready for another tremendous year! I'm hoping that one of your resolutions was to get more involved with InfraGardNCR - and am providing a number of opportunities in this issue of the newsletter!!

2017 was a full year for InfraGardNCR - we hosted numerous programs, we fulfilled the need for an information sharing network among health care facilities (nationally!), we hosted programs to bolster your cyber security posture, and added some tremendous board members to help guide and manage our growing chapter.

As usual, we are off to a running start! We as a Board have "resolved" a number of initiatives and values for our board: to serve our membership with useful, timely information and sessions, to engage our youth early and create opportunities for them to have access to the numerous experts in our chapter, and to find creative ways to increase our cyber readiness and hygiene at each and every member company.

Below you will see our first "Call to Action" for 2018 - helping us represent critical infrastructure at the CyberPatriot Competition. I met the Commissioner of Cyber Patriot at the NICE Cyber Security Education conference in Georgia and we agreed that critical infrastructure protection was a sorely missing piece of the national competition. Please read the latest newsletter if you are interested!!

More importantly, however, we ask YOU, our members - what do you want to see in 2018? Below we outline the numerous opportunities for engagement - are they meeting your needs? What else can we be doing to serve you? As always, I am available to you to answer questions and certainly expand our reach and programming to meet your needs. We just need to know what they are.

If we're doing great - you can let us know that too. We always want your input and suggestions to be sure we are working with and for your interests. Thank you for being a member of InfraGardNCR and I hope to see and work with you in 2018!!

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