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Training the next generation of cyber warriors!

Last week volunteers from our chapter completed our second InfraGardNCR #CYBERCamp2017! Under the great leadership of Tina Williams, CEO, TCSecure, a tremendous group of InfraGard members executed this important piece of the InfraGardNCR Cyber Pipeline initiative. As you may know, after meeting with the FBI Washington Field Office leadership, the NCR Board designed a Cyber Pipeline initiative in response to their need to recruit cyber talent into the ranks of the FBI. The Cyber Pipeline initiative provides "touchpoints" for students from high school through college to engage with us on cyber security efforts and encourage them to pursue educational opportunities and careers in cybersecurity. To date we have developed numerous touchpoints: our #CyberCamp, an ice cream social with FBI agents and recruiters who discussed cyber-related positions within the FBI, a number of field trips to the FBI and other US government agencies who have cyber responsibilities and/or cyber centers, and most recently InfraGard student clubs for college campuses.

You continue to prove to me that we have the best chapter in the country - and the most dedicated group of volunteer members. Thank you for your continued engagement and support. Enjoy the rest of your summer and get ready to volunteer for #CYBERCamp2018! With gratitude,

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