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Preparedness. Do I have to?

Preparedness. It's so boring.

I mean, I have really important things to do today. What are the chances of a disaster happening to me?

Admit it. We've all thought this at one time or another. I know I have.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and bracing for Irma, September is National Preparedness Month. For the last several years, InfraGard NCR has hosted preparedness events for the chapter with the American Red Cross and other leaders in preparedness to encourage everyone to "be prepared" on a professional AND personal level. Because it can happen to you. Disaster can destroy your home, your livelihood, everything. Unless you prepare.

Will the preparedness save everything? No, perhaps not. However, having a plan in place can and does make all the difference in your resilieince. Your ability to get back to normal as quickly as possible. And if situations like Harvey or perhaps Irma - no help is coming. Everyone is overwhelmed and you will be faced with fending for yourself.

Take some time this month to join us for our Setpember program. On September 20th, Erik Gaull, our Emergency Services Sector Chief, in partnership with PEPCO, want you to be as ready as you can be for a natural disaster (or terrorist attack for that matter!).

As I say to my daughter - "don't be scared, be prepared!" (She's rolling her eyes right now!)

Thank you all for what you do!

P.S. THANK YOU to all the InfraGardNCR members who donated to the Houston PD appeal. We gathered $3000 and will be sending the requested t-shirts, shirts, toothbrushes, etc.. Thank you for being a part of our relief efforts!

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