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Spotlight: Cyber Health Working Group

This month I wanted to highlight how InfraGardNCR is leading the nation in actualizing the InfraGard mission of sharing information between the public and private sectors to protect critical infrastructure. I am proud to share with you another example of our chapter's success - and hope that you've heard of it by now - the Cyber Health Working Group.

As some of you may know, our coordinators Amylyn Errera and Kara Sidener have been working steadily with a group of CISOs, CIOs, and other cyber practitioners from the health care industry to stay ahead of our cyber threats. Working as servant leaders - developing a product that meets the needs of those tasked with protecting our critical health care data against mounting vulnerabilities and constant attack - this active, real time information sharing is finally providing what InfraGard has promised for over 20 years!

What started as a small group of about 25 local InfraGard members has steadily grown to a virtual group of over 450 members - nationwide! These individual InfraGard members who are at the intersection of healthcare and IT have a listserve to exchange threat information, best practices, and have peer-to-peer discussions; as well as another portal,, which serves as an archival and resource tool for the members.

The CHWG has been instrumental in informing the FBI of additional victims in cyber intrusion investigations, providing real-time indicators of compromise, and adding intelligence value to ongoing investigations in field offices across the country. For more information about the CHWG, you can go to our website here as well as to the CHWG's portal at

The CHWG was also featured in a recent issue of the national InfraGard Magazine. You can read it here (you will need to log in to the magazine, an online subscription to which comes with your InfraGard membership).

We are extremely proud of this accomplishment and are working to bring these unique and useful exchanges to all of our critical infrastructure sectors.

Yours in service,


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