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Congrats to our INMA award nominees!

Each year, InfraGard National asks each of its chapters to submit nominations to a number of categories - and we are always extremely fortunate to be able to put forward exceptional candidates. This year I wanted to share with you some of them. Regardless of whether they win at the National Congress or not, these are some of our heroes. Please take a moment to thank and congratulate them next time you see them at an InfraGard event.

Amylynn Errerra and Kara Sidener, FBI Coordinators, InfraGardNCR

Any of you who have come in contact with our coordinators know they are the top of their field. And this year was no different. Amy and Kara started the very first real information sharing network that meets the mission of InfraGard: the Cyber Health Working Group. Their work has developed a real-time, threat exchange between the leading healthcare CISOs and cyber experts in the nation.

Martin Kessler, Sector Chief, Energy

As many of you might know, Martin took an extremely active role in designing and executing National Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month. He built numerous relationships on behalf of the chapter and infrastructure security and helped the chapter deliver a national program to recognize and raise awareness around critical infrastructure protection. (We are gearing up again for NCISRM 2017 so please follow us on facebook!)

The Leadership of Our Chapter

In the last year our Chapter has led the national NCISRM effort, developed a Cyber Security Pipeline to address the FBI-WFO's need for future cyber security talent, taken an increased look at the vulnerabilities of the electric grid through our conversation with famed journalist Ted Koppel, provided on-going training and programming around IT security and critical infrastructure protection, and XX??

The Public Private Partnerships of Our Chapter

Further expounding on our chapter's leadership and initiatives, the chapter has also developed a closer relationship with the local fusion center, WRTAC, and identified a member to be an InfraGard liaison within the WRTAC. We developed or enhanced relationships with other organizations, through many of our efforts, including the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, American Public Works Association,

Meeting The Challenge

InfraGardNCR has also been a leader in one of the most important, relevant counter terrorism programs for federal, state and local law enforcement, INLETS. The INLETS program has expanded to three cities since its inception, Anapolis, MD; New Orleans, LA; and Honolulu, HI. This critical program shares the latest information on terrorist techniques, after action reports form events like the attacks in Paris and San Bernadino, CA and provides an opportunity for InfraGardNCR to assure that our law enforcement partners have the information they need when they need it.

Linda Franklin Memorial

We also submitted a long-time member for a national achievement award, named for Linda Franklin, an FBI employee who worked many, many hours in support of the creation and establishment of InfraGard. Sadly, Linda's life was cut short in 2002, as she was a victim of the DC snipers who at the time were terrorizing the national capital region. Created in her memory, the Linda Franklin Award recognizes an individual whose long-standing service and leadership within InfraGard sets an example for all members to emulate. We're keeping this nominee a secret for a little while until we notify them!

We are extremely proud to have such rockstars in our midst. Our coordinators and member volunteers spend their time and extra effort on behalf of our nation and for that we thank them deeply and offer our sincerest appreciation.

With gratitude,


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