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InfraGardNCR: Taking a Lead in Cybersecurity

In December 2016, the President's Commission on Enhancing National Cyber Security released its report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy. As all of us know, "Washington" releases a lot of "reports." Some with more impact than others - but all impacted by the political environment. So politics aside, what are we doing to address the drumbeat of warnings we receive from all sorts of sources?

I would say that InfraGardNCR has taken a leading role in a number of the imperatives identified by this latest report and we look to expand this footprint even more as all of you continue to engage on this important mission. The imperatives identified by the Report include:

  1. 1. Protect, defend, & secure today's information infrastructure & digital networks.

  2. 2. Innovate & accelerate investment for the security & growth of digital networks & the digital economy.

  3. 3. Prepare consumers to thrive in a digital age.

  4. 4. Build cybersecurity workforce capabilities.

  5. 5. Better equip government to function effectively & securely in the digital age.

  6. 6. Ensure an open, fair, competitive, & secure global digital economy.

Sound familiar?

Through our work at InfraGardNCR, the Board has avidly pursued all of the above goals above through our focused mission of protecting the nation's critical infrastructure. All of our projects and activities focus around at least one of the imperatives above: training and information for our CSOs and CISOs through our active Cyber SIG, sharing information through our Cyber Health Working Group and Cyber SIG, working with our government facilities sector and the contractors in its ecosystem through our Government Contractors SIG, our cyber camp to build and support our Cyber Security Pipeline, our Policy and Regulatory workgroup meant to bring private sector expertise into the government, our efforts to raise awareness around National Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month - all contribute to the exact goals identified by the Commission.

There is always more work to do. But I, for one, am so very grateful and honored to be working with each of you. You are some of the best and brightest out there and together, we can continue to protect the country's digital assets and economy.

With gratitude,


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