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#NCISRM is here!

Under leadership from the US Department of Homeland Security's National Protection & Programs Directorate (NPPD) and partnership with InfraGardNCR, November is designated as National Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month. We've launched as a year-round resource where you can find the tools, resources, and branding to help us recognize this important month. At you can sign up for our newsletter, register for events, and share your activities during November. You can also join us as a PARTNER -- to help spread awareness to educate our community! Join us at the NCISRM Event in Washington, D.C. Since January, numerous partners have been working with InfraGardNCR to develop an incredible conversation around the critical interdependencies between the electric grid and all of our critical infrastructure sectors. If you are an owner/ operator in one of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors -- or a vendor that serves them -- this is your one MUST ATTEND event in 2016. Join us here. NCISRM Week 1 This week focuses on the cyber and physical interdependence of critical infrastructure. The interconnectedness of machines, databases, and devices introduces cyber-physical technologies that connect cyber systems to physical systems. Ignoring the connectedness of the cyber and physical worlds can create additional vulnerabilities for public and private entities. To kick off this week, our NCISRM team has developed a tool to help you and your network increase infrastructure security and resilience through action. Please check out the resource below and share it on social media using the hashtag #NCISRM! Resource: 5 Ways to Increase Infrastructure Security and Resilience Through Action

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