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Welcome to National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Yes, it's that time of year again when InfraGardNCR focuses our efforts to raise awareness around cyber security. Not that we need to make YOU aware that cyber security is important - but we do need to focus on the mission of securing cyber from a number of fronts:

  • According to Techworld, 91% of cyberattacks begin with a spear-phishing email - and spear-phishing campaigns have increased by 55% in 2016 (according to Symantec).

  • Cyber criminals are using encryption as a weapon - use of ransomware increased by 35% in 2016 (Symantec).

  • 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked every day

  • According to the Ponemon Institute, 59% of emlpoyees steal proprietary data when they quit or are fired.

Not that I'm telling you things you don't already know. I'm telling you these things as a means to ask you to partner with us this month to as we tackle these issues! During October, InfraGardNCR will be providing simple tactical resources for you to work on these challenges for YOUR enterprise. In week one - to kick off the week - we have a contest. We want you to share with your employees two videos on spear-phishing from the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). In two great videos that you can easily share with your employees, ODNI takes just 3 minutes to effectively address the problem of spear-phishing: Send this to all of your employees this week - and then let us know how many "opens" you have. The InfraGardNCR member with the most "opens" wins a dinner for two at Morton's! Share the videos on your Twitter account using the #cyberstrong, and we'll throw in movie tickets! All for sending an email! On Oct. 12th, we invite you to come hear Matthew Drake, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, and Peter J. Lapp, Special Agent, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for an important discussion around the threats and vulnerabilities to your enterprise. Register now! Assistant Special Agent in Charge Matthew Drake will discuss the greatest challenges facing those protecting the .gov domain and Special Agent Lapp will educate and inform attendees about what FBI-WFO sees as "the insider threat" (how that has changed with technology) and how to protect intellectual property. But enough about the month...I'm not going to give it all away! I will just encourage you to take this opportunity to educate your employees and reduce the number of vulnerabilities to your systems. And, stay tuned for the rest of our exciting offerings during National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2016! Keeping you #cyberstrong! Kristina Tanasichuk InfraGardNCR President

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