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Summer is nearly over, and we are headed into a busy fall!

As you may know, September is National Preparedness Month, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and November is National Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Month.

We are busy preparing our programming, particularly given our role as the lead organization for Critical Infrastructure month.

We have also successfully executed our first cyber security camp, #CYBERCamp2016, thanks to project director Tina Williams, TCecure; Bob Osgood, George Mason University; and Karen Gardner, ManTech. Thanks to this amazing team, our kids had an incredibly substantive learning experience, with field trips to the DHS National Cyber Integration Center and MITRE. Huge thanks to our team leads and to ALL of our InfraGard chapter members who engaged with planning and executing this event. It was an amazing team that's looking to doing even bigger and better things NEXT year!

We have had an overwhelming response to our new initiatives this year, and we are excited to continue our programming with new additions to our community. To that end, Board members Kathy Mills and Keith Bryars have been working on a security enterprise plan for small and mid-sized companies. We are working with the Better Business Bureau to possibly partner to provide companies with an assessment of the NIST cyber security guidelines (provided by the BBB) and the "How To Do It" from InfraGardNCR. If you are interested in participating on the project team for this, please let me know.

And, if you missed one of our initiatives and want to get involved, please see the sign-ups to the right.

Otherwise, we'd like to hear from you. What do you "need" from InfraGardNCR, and how can we serve you better? We've initiated numerous projects based on feedback and requests from our FBI leadership, chapter members, and the demands of being in Washington, DC. We'd love to hear from you and how we can help you secure your enterprise, improve your security posture, and defend against physical and cyber attacks.

As always, at your service,

Kristina Tanasichuk

InfraGardNCR President

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