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A summer to take action

Since my last letter to you, our Nation has celebrated our Independence Day, AND terrorists have successfully attacked and killed civilians in Baghdad, Istanbul, Bangladesh, and of course, the United States. Some experts say that the attacks are "desperate" in that fighters enlisting with the group have decreased and that ISIS is relying more on amateurs than before. Regardless of their experience, the group, and those that claim allegiance to it, still perpetuates some of the most heinous violence plaguing the world, denying peace to people across the world.

So, if you are like me, you're asking, what are we doing about this?

And, I'm proud to say that because of an incredible InfraGardNCR chapter, we're

doing a lot:

Government Contractors SIG - As many of you know the GovConSIG, headed by Michael Stabolepszy at INTEGRITYOne Partners, launched just three months ago. There is more on that meeting below. Importantly, the group met with the former Chief Security Officer of the US Department of Homeland Security, Greg Marshall. We will be asking that group to look closely at the security clearance process and what can be done to revise it given that the shooter in Orlando worked for one of the largest federal security contractors post-9/11. What should our members learn from this? Is there anything we could have done differently? Stay tuned for more on this incredibly important issue.

In-reach program - educating our agents and the FBI on the latest threats, developments, and vulnerabilities. We are also proud to say that approximately two years ago we initiated an "in-reach" program to our FBI field office that provides "brown bag" seminars on cutting edge topics including Bitcoin/virtual currencies, Dark Web tradecraft, and big data analytics. Thanks to Board Member Danielle Camner Lindholm, that series has been extremely popular and is critical to sharing information on what the private sector knows with our partners at the FBI.

Security for your small and mid-size enterprise - Board members Keith Bryars, (Harris) Kathy Mills (CENTRA) have been working on a simple and effective framework to secure both the physical and IT side of your business. We will be rolling that out shortly along with a tool-kit to make it as straightforward and effective as possible.

Cyber Camp - While high school seems a long way from the front lines, our Cyber Pipeline initiative is working to create and nurture our next generation of creativity and problem solving. With the help of Tina Williams (TCecure), Bob Osgood (George Mason University) and Karen Gardner (Mantech) - in addition to our sponsors HPE, Intelliware, and Kaspersky Labs - we have a sold out camp that will only grow in the future.

And finally, our work with our sector chiefs and other industry leaders to bring National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month to the top of everyone's agenda in November will be an opportunity to share best practices and develop incredible teams to respond, prepare, and mitigate any attack.

I actually could go on even more...but then, what would you have to read next month!? So with this I once again thank all of YOU for volunteering, supporting and engaging with us to fight the good fight and protect our citizens and our Nation.

With highest regard,

Kristina Tanasichuk

InfraGardNCR President

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