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Briefing on Ashburn Data Center Resiliency Assessment

Did you know that data centers in Ashburn, VA serve as the global Internet traffic hub for the East Coast? Loudoun Water is sponsoring a briefing on July 12 from 1-2pm regarding the recent resiliency assessment for the Ashburn-area data center cluster. Information on research and key findings is available here. Key findings included the following:

  • Internet resilience is contingent on a limited number of centralized Internet exchange points (IXPs).

  • Transparency in both network and data center infrastructure would enhance resilience planning.

  • Local law enforcement personnel would benefit from training and the exchange of information concerning how to recognize suspicious activity around IT infrastructure assets.

  • Data center and content providers may not have a pathway to contribute to resilience efforts and/or communicate criticality during an emergency.

  • Transportation infrastructure and private trucking companies are necessary to supply diesel fuel to data center facilities in the event of an extended electric interruption.

  • Data centers and network providers should consider electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and radio frequency (RF) generator effects in developing resilience and protective measures plans.

  • Communication and education efforts between data center providers and fire department personnel are necessary to support resilience planning.


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