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May Program Review: Counterintelligence and Economic Espionage - What US Business Needs to Know

InfraGardNCR co-sponsored a program on economic espionage on May 2 in partnership with the National Security Committee of the American Bar Association's Section of International Law. Continuing a year-long effort by the FBI to educate US businesses on the threat of economic espionage, attendees viewed the FBI-produced film "The Company Man: Protecting America's Secrets." Special Agent (SA) Peter Lapp of the Washington Field Office explained the definitions of "trade secrets" and shared what was needed for companies to be "good victims" should they suspect an attempted theft of intellectual property. For example, SA Lapp reminded companies that in order for the FBI to act, a company must be able to demonstrate that it made an effort to keep the non-public information secret and safe. (e.g., instituting policies for limited access, confidential markings, physical and cyber security). Ms. Eleanor Hill (King & Spalding), Mr. Guillermo Christensen (Baker Botts LLP), and Ms. Danielle Camner Lindholm (Whitehorse Technologies and InfraGardNCR Board Member) further discussed what US businesses need to know about their legal responsibilities and options, if targeted. All speakers strongly encouraged companies to engage with the FBI to combat the threat to their firms and the US economy. Click here for more information on economic espionage.


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