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The HAte Crimes Community ENgagement Working Group (HACCEN) grew out of an InfraGardNCR webinar series on hate crimes in 2020.  The webinar series was cohosted by InfraGardNCR, the Faith-Based Information Sharing & Analysis Organization (FB-ISAO), and the FBI Washington Field  Office.  The webinar planning team saw an opportunity and an interest in furthering the conversation on hate crimes.  That spark grew into HACCEN, which formally launches via its inaugural webinar on 02/01/2022.  HACCEN is a joint project of InfraGardNCR, the New York Metro chapter of InfraGard, and the Faith-Based Information Sharing & Analysis Organization, with support from  the Executive Partnership for Integrated Collaboration (EPIC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Charlotte, NC, as well as the New York and Washington field offices of the FBI.  

It is a two-way, real-time information sharing platform for communities and individuals who may experience hate crimes.   HACCEN includes people connected to houses of worship, people who work in critical infrastructure, people affiliated with community and advocacy groups, and people who work for local, state, tribal, and federal government agencies - and welcome YOU to participate.

Through a listserver, members share best practices, emerging threats and trends, and ideas for mitigating hate crimes, which are then archived in a web-based portal for future reference.  HACCEN members aim to learn more about each other, build relationships within and across communities, and employ strategies to more effectively mitigate hate crimes and hate incidents.

To learn more about HACCEN, including how to join, go to

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